Fiberglass Burial Vaults

As an agent for ECL Fiberglass Manufacturing, we can provide your cemetery with a superior permanent product. It is a proven fact that the use of burial vaults reduces cemetery maintenance costs.

For more than a decade, the focus of ECL Fiberglass has been its commitment to the death care industry. Below are a few important points to consider in your evaluation of burial vaults.

ECL Burial Vault Features

Replacement Warranty
ECL burial vaults have a 100 year Full Replacement Warranty

7 burial vaults per skid require less storage

Minimum Transportation Costs 
ECL burial vaults are light weight and stackable

Aesthetically Appealing 
ECL burial vaults can be proudly displayed

Both the Econo and Elite burial vaults can be fitted with a butyl seal The dome is a continuous unit without holes, therefore nature's principal of entrapped air provides a dual sealing system

Minimum Installation Costs
Easily installed without the use of heavy equipment allowing installation crews to move through established gravesites without causing damage

Superior Strength
Tensile strength obtained through design without the use of wood as a manufacturing material, which could cause problems in future years due to deterioration (Test results are available)

Convenient Handles
ECL burial vaults are equipped with a functional acrylic handle to facilitate ease of installation

Varied Product Line
ECL burial vaults can be tailored to any family's income without sacrificing strength or longevity

For more information on ECL Fiberglass burial vaults, visit, or call Kootenay Monument Installations at 1-800-477-9996.

Fiberglass Turf Saver

Save thousands of dollars in cemetery maintenance costs and protect your landscape by eliminating ruts and tire marks.

Turf Saver Features

Engineered using superior strength fiberglass with hand holes for ease of handling

Very flexible over uneven terrain with five bar bi-directional traction surface

Turf Saver is 30 inches by 8 feet and weighs just 55 lbs. (does not absorb water)

Years of trouble free use, just hose off and re-use, will not rot or deteriorate

To get your Fiberglass Turf Saver call Kootenay Monument Installations at 1-800-477-9996.